Vaginal Surgery From Taboo to Acceptance

While using ages, there have been all sorts of taboos that women of later generations cast have separated. In the 1950s, “Only Her Hairdresser knows for Sure” was an ad campaign for hair coloring. Includes very apropos to a time when coloring one’s hair marked a woman to be a “hussy.” Today, obvious hair coloring is as acceptable as painting one’s fasteners. A few years ago, no-one talked about getting a “boob job.” Today, breast enhancement is almost as popular as getting your nose straightened. Next up? Vaginal plastic surgical process.

While still a bit of a touchy subject for many, getting a “private makeover” is becoming the more popular. True, much of it is cosmetic surgery pure and simple. Women simply want to look better all over. However, vaginal rejuvenation also has some highly beneficial medical and social benefits.

Stress incontinence can be reduced by vaginal tightening, especially for women which not had success using Kegel exercises. Julio Cesar Yoshimura find it uncomfortable to ride a bike or alternatively a horse, or to perform other exercise because their labia have become enflamed. Labiaplasty (labia reduction) can resolve the problem. Pain during intercourse can also occur due to large labia and can be eliminated through vaginal medical operations.

Dr. Edward Jacobson, a gynecologist who has done literally thousands of vaginal restoration procedures in his twenty-five years of practice says “If a woman is unhappy with the way she looks ‘down there’ then she should consider vagina reconstruction. And if she is uncomfortable, in pain, or having alter her lifestyle because of urine leakage, then by all means she should find out about it.”

When women doubt the attractiveness of their private areas to their partners, they often compare themselves to pictures of nude women in “adult” magazines. Dismayed by the comparison, they may also imagine that their partners are not as satisfied sexually as they want. That’s when they may opt personal vaginal plastic surgery inside an or more of three categories.

First, if the labia has become large or distorted (often due to child birth or sometimes due to trauma), a labiaplasty will reduce over all size and make the area more pleasant to look at.

Second, if the woman has a loose vagina, a vaginaplasty will tighten the muscles. Sometimes termed as vagina tightening, potentially increase sexual pleasure for both spouses. This will also help with urinary incontinence.

And third, should the woman’s major complaint is an insufficient sexual satisfaction, the hood of her clitoris can be removed in a hoodectomy. If lady has a religious, moral or other reason, a hymen can be reconstructed to its original form.

Surprisingly to many women, cosmetic vagina surgery is just about all that difficult to have. While every surgery has its risks, female surgery is often times done on an outpatient basis. Health related conditions uses local anesthesia with twilight sleep, regional, an epidural or a spine. Surgeries usually last one to two hours and patients are walking around, showering, and beginning to revisit a normal routine in about a day. Complete recovery from vagina surgery is about a session.

The relatively recent introduction of vaginal radiosurgery as an approach for the cosmetic plastic surgery has greatly improved the process. As mentioned by Dr. Jacobson “So called ‘no scalpel surgery’ is stunning. Women are astounded when I tell them that the instrument has a cold – not hot – tip this it never touches the skin. I get a very precise incision with significantly less swelling and does not last long. My patient is in less pain and heals faster when compared with other techniques.”

Not every woman is a candidate for reconstructive surgery. However, women in average and better vigor and health can feel fine about would like to. There’s no need for them to rationalize the decision to have sexual restoration. Just as people have their teeth straightened, there is no shame in doing it for purely cosmetic reasons. The fact that it may also resolve some medical concerns just substantiates the decision.

As Dr. Jacobson says, “Until today, women have been reluctant to speak about vaginaplasty and other kind of female process. But that is changing more and earlier. My patients in Connecticut are exactly the same than the ones in Beverly Hills or London. Directly have a problem that is harder to discuss. They are truly grateful track down that there are thousands of women just like them and that don’t need to feel ashamed of looking look and feel happy.”

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